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MMag. Dr. Sarah Kettner LRSM
Fields of Research

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Narcissism   -   Increasingly   competitive   markets   foster   narcissistic compulsions   demonstrated   by   many   musicians.   The   performing   industry abounds      with      narcissistic      artists      demonstrating      GRANDIOSITY, ENTITLEMENT   and   ARROGANCE   however   musicians   with   high   levels   of AMBITION,    LEADERSHIP    and    COMPETENCE-BELIEF    are    revealing    less stigmatised   aspects   of   narcissism.   This   ground-breaking   research   on “NARCISSISM   &   its   Significance   for   the   Performing   Musician's   Psyche” explores   whether   musicians   are   predisposed   to   high   narcissism   levels and   whether   singers   prove   more   narcissistic   than   instrumentalists. Healthy    measures    of    self-love    are    essential    for    a    performer's resilience    when    confronted    with    the    polarity    of    critique.    The positive     correlation     between     NARCISSISM     and     PERFORMANCE MOTIVATION     confirms     my     belief     that     a     pedagogue     should encourage   their   students'   SELF-LOVE.   Teachers   and   performers aware   of   their   own   NARCISSISTIC   DRIVES   and   VULNERABILITIES can minimise exploitation and artistic subordination.