arah   trained   under   the   Marchesi   student   Lorna   Kelly.   Winning   the Harry   Tudball   bursary   at   the   age   of   18,   she   continued   her   studies under   Joyce   Barker   at   the   South   African   University   of   Witwatersrand. Her   coaches   include   Gita   Denise   (London),   Emma   Renzi   (Italy),   Carla   Pohl (Düsseldorf)   and   Sona   Ghazarian   (Vienna).      Sarah’s   academic   career   began   in Graz    where    she    completed    her    two    masters    (concert    performance    and Pedagogy) as well as her doctorate (pedagogic psychology). Sarah   began   her   performing   career   with   PACT   opera   at   the   age   of   24.      Her   first role    as    Tuptim    in    the    “King    and    I”    was    followed    by    “Despina”.    Sarah’s soubrette   matured   into   a   lyrico   spinto   and   she   is   renowned   for   her   Italian   verismo   repertoire.      Oratorios   and   Requiems   as well   as   the   Strauss’s   four   last   songs   with   orchestra   are   part   of   her   repertoire.   Sarah   has   recorded   for   SABC,   was   awarded the   title   “Performing   Artist   of   the   Year”   by   Classic   FM.      She   has   been   featured   in   HIFA   festivals   as   well   as   in   live recordings   and   interviews   for   ZBC,   SABC,   TV1, Austria.      Her   studio   recordings   include   a   Bongiovanni   CD   recording   of   the Paulo Tosti art songs in Italy, Hans Florey Compositions in Salzburg and a recording for Kyalami Classics in South Africa. Presently   Sarah   can   be   heard   in   presentations   at   the   University   of   Performing Arts   (Graz),   Karl   Franzens   University   (Graz) and   presently   teaches   at   the Art   and   Music   schools   of   Leoben   and   Mautern   where   her   students   range   from   elementary   to professional.   Sarah   directs   the   Montan   University   Choir   and   is   an   invited   voice   consultant   for   three   other   national   choirs as well as holds regular master classes for the Duchy opera (U.K.).  Sarah   has   presented   her   research   at   numerous   international   Symposiums   and   recently   published   a   book   on   “Narcissism and   its   Significance   for   Performing   Musicians”.   Believing   that   the   artist’s   role   is   to   enrich   society   with   meaningful communication, she maintains that talent is best combined with humility in the light of creative processes.
MMag. Dr. Sarah Kettner LRSM
International critics: “Sarah   Kettner   achieves   what   can   only   be   compared   to   Mirella   Freni’s   soaring   technical   prowess.      Her   smooth   legato,   wonderful voice    control    and    spine    shilling    ability    to    introduce    and    expand    highly    charged    phrases    in    the    verismo    repertoire    is unforgettable.” Daniel Sommerville, Classical feel, 2002 “The   colour   and   velvet   timbre   of   Sarah   Kettner’s   voice   and   her   insight   into   the   dramatic   composition   style   makes   her performance memorable” Julias Eichbaum, The Star, 2006
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