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MMag. Dr. Sarah Kettner LRSM
In    our    strivings    for    instrumental    virtuousity    we    could    forget    the personal   hallmark   represented   by   the   artistic   psyche   behind   the instrument.      Singers   embody   their   instrument   and   therefore   the complexity   of   raising   successful   singers   requires   holistic   coaching.     Singing   teachers   require   not   only   physiological   vocal   expertise   and extensive   knowledge   of   repertoire,   but   an   intuitive   awareness   for various   vocal   challenges   and   demands   faced   by   singers.      Whether teaching   singing   on   an   elementary   level   or   advanced   performers,   it is     necessary     to     free     the     individual     creative     potential.     By encouraging   singers   to   reflect,   feel   and   patiently   explore   their individual   ability,   they   ideally   develope   security   in   self-expression. Virtuosity   and   technique   won   through   effective   training   needs   to be    mirrored    by    stage    performance    establishing    interpretive artistry.   My   students,   whether   in   the   elementary   stage   of   vocal tuition,   or   preparing   for   demanding   vocal   roles   and   auditions   have the   opportunity   to   present   themselves   and   develop   their   skills   by performing in numerous concerts and stage productions.

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Within every individual there is creativity!